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Meet Your Host, Heather Alice Shea
Known as the Intuition Teacher's Teacher...

I'm a Florida girl, wife, and momma who's in love with all things spirituality, intuition, and helping awakened souls claim their calling as a healer and guide to the masses.

When I started coaching, I had zero clarity on how to harness my intuition to help others.

I was sold the dream of becoming a life coach from the online bro-marketers and influencers, but the more I tried their way of intuitive development and coaching, the more I realized that none of it was really about using my gifts to help others or honing in on the work I knew in my heart I was here to create.

I knew I had to find a different way - without posting on social media all day or draining my back account dry in the process.

Fast forward to today, I’ve built a 7-figure intuitive coaching business that honors my purpose, freedom, and the full value of my work - all without stressing to find clients or slashing my rates out of guilt or fear ever again.

The best part, It only requires me to work part-time hours and with clients I love so much, they feel like friends. 😃

And now, I’m obsessed with showing others how to become a radically confident and qualified intuitive life coach without hustling on social media, or using tactics that go against the grain of your soul.

The Called to Coach workshop is totally free. It will help you kickstart your practice and start earning instantly, instead of spending months and months spinning your wheels or going broke in the process!

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